3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Review: RTP 95% (Yggdrasil)

You must be searching for the 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter review. This game is a slot machine from the Gigablox series that features a mechanic that has recently gained popularity. The game is available at Yggdrasil, but the developer is Reflex Gaming. 

We’re traveling to the future, where we’ll see a bounty hunter known as SK-1000 going about his business. Who knows, maybe there will be something in it for us to collect, like a juicy bounty.

Best of 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Review

3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Review

You’re playing in a large game area with 6×6 reels, but there will only be 40 active lines. Because it’s a Gigablox slot, there are big symbols to use on synced reels at times, as well as wilds and free spins with up to 25x multipliers. 

How far will they be able to boost them? Regular wins appear to be worth up to 320x the stake, with the free spins increasing that to 3,714x the stake. However, the RTP is only 94%. Play on Situs Slot Online Gacor Hari Ini always and win.

1. Betting Options

There are a few different bet values to choose from, with the minimum being $0.20 and the maximum reaching $100. You can buy access to the free spins by wagering 100 times your stake.

As we previously stated, a screen full of high-paying symbols can bring you up to 320 times your stake (8x per line). You can go much higher once you add the 25x multipliers from the free spins, though the cap appears to be at 3,714x the stake, so it doesn’t raise as much as we would like.

The main weakness in this game, in my opinion, is the low Return on Investment. It’s far too different from what an average modern real money slot offers, at 94%.

2. Game Features

The Gigablox system works by synchronizing multiple reels and delivering symbols to them. These symbols can be small or large, up to 5×5 symbols. All symbols, including the scatters, can appear as blocks.

You will be able to access their feature if the Free Spins logo appears 5 times or more scattered on the reels. You get one free spin for each triggering scatter. Because Gigablox-sized scatters can appear, you could end up with a lot of free spins. 

In this mode, forming winning combinations is rewarded with a multiplier from the Bounty Hunter, ranging from 1 to 25 times. This is when you get the Wild Reel to randomly activate and deliver a column filled with replacements to you.

3. Theme and Design

We’re in the year 3021 AD, so we’re looking at the world 1000 years from now. The main character, SK-1000, is a bounty hunter who looks a lot like the Mandalorian, but the action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with devastated buildings and bridges in the background.

When we get to the reels, we see pictures of red or purple mutants, male and female humans, and futuristic neon-colored depictions of the four card suits, as well as the Wild and Free Spins logos. 

It has a futuristic appearance, but it lacks a good design to go with it. It’s clumsy, with graphics that are half-inspired by comic books and half-inspired by 3D video games.

Final Words

In the end of 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter review, the game might work if it weren’t designed with such a low return to player (RTP). We would advise you to avoid it solely because of this.

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