How To Create Backlinks in Facebook

Besides Google, Facebook is a very famous platform for people to use. There are so many reasons why Facebook is the perfect candidate for a link building platform. Many people rely on social media and use it on a daily basis. This is proven to be true when Facebook hit around 2 billion active users back in 2017. While other platforms are still growing at a slow pace, Facebook keeps on increasing faster than the others. Due to the high user rate, people have found ways to take advantage of this situation. Link building has become more effective than ever with the help of Facebook. So read ahead to know how you can create backlinks in Facebook.

Link building or creating backlinks in Facebook may be tricky. This is because Facebook would require you to do different set of things than your regular methods. In order to understand it, you need to learn the mechanisms first. In this article, we would surely help you creat backlinks in facebook.

Referral Traffic

The first method of creating a backlink is by using a technique called referral traffic. To make it simple, Facebook is a place to promote your website as well as your business. It can even be called as a make shift search engine. With its 2 billion active users, you surely would get a lot of traffic from Facebook alone.

This is why many people have entrusted Facebook as a platform to refer to their websites. Referral links are easy to be done and everyone can do it today. The simplest form of referral traffic is to just post your link up on a space with many people. The more people you can promote it too, the more exposure your website will get.

These kinds of exposure are very important to boost a website’s ranking. You can even get up to thousands or tens of thousands of visitors from referral traffic. Many blogposts or websites simply hire people to put up their links on social media. One of those social media is of course Facebook. The short term effect of doing this is that you will have a spike increase in traffic. And in the long run, you can get follow up visitors as well as a higher ranking. Hence achieving a valuable backlink in Facebook.

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic basically functions the way it sounds. These kinds of traffic are straight to the point and do not come in the form of a referral. In a referral, links are kind of hidden as well and not too obvious. This is very different from direct traffic. Direct traffic is where you directly paste a link in its most raw form. This will help you gain backlinks in Facebook.

The common example is placing your website on the bio of your Facebook page. When people see your bio, they would be able to see that link too. Instead of going elsewhere, they would be curious about your direct traffic link.

In this method, we do not simply rely on people wanting to click the link or not. Google has a special algorithm that not many people knows. The more exposure your website has, the higher rankings it would receive. One of the most impactful social media platform is Facebook. Through Facebook alone, you can gain massive traffic as well as a boost in rankings. Simply put your link in its URL form and promote it everywhere. This will increase your SEO rankings and exposure to the website as well.

Where to Place Links

Backlink building is all about links and its placement. In Facebook itself, there are dozens of places to place your links. This is how you can create backlinks in Facebook. The first location to place your desired link is in the about page. The about page can be found in the profile of your Facebook page. Copy paste the link you want at the about page of Facebook. After going at the about page, you could also do this to your personal account. Find the profile page and then edit your basic info tab. In this place, you could also place your link.

The next most common step to creat backlinks in Facebook is from groups. Groups and forums have dominated Facebook for ages. Through these forums, you could slip a few links to boost your website. So make sure you combine all of the tips and tricks together.

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