Rules of Playing Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game that is quite popular. It also becomes one of the oldest card game in the world. In this game, you will fight against the dealer. You must get a total card value of 21, if you get a combination of aces and 10 it means that you immediately win the game unless the dealer has the same combination or the value must be higher than the value owned by the opponent.

Cards cannot be worth 22 and above. If this happens, the player or dealer is considered a bust and of course loses the game.

In this game, both of your cards are shown on the table whereas the blackjack dealer rules allow them to show only one card to all players. However, when comparing them, they have to open all their cards.

Some rules of Blackjack

Some rules of Blackjack

Hit: this is done when you want additional cards from the dealer. You can continue to take additional cards until you reach 21. If you have a low or medium value, it would be better to take this action.
Stand: this option is made when you do not take another card from the dealer to maintain the existing value. It is highly recommended that you have a score of 18 and above.
Double Down: the player can double the bet but can only take one additional card by placing a stack of chips of the same value next to the original bet.
Split Pairs: when the first two cards are of the same rank so you are playing with 2 separate sets of cards. To do this, place a second bet, of the same value, next to the previous bet. The game continues and you can play with two sets of cards.

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Resplit: most casinos allow you to resplit (resplit) when you get an additional card from a set of two starting cards so that you can create a new set. It is possible to complete three times so that you have 4 sets of cards, with 4 different bets. You can even have up to 8 sets at the table if doubling is allowed after the splits.
Split Tens: this means that you separate two cards that are worth 10 (ten) each, for example splitting the King and Queen or Jack and 10 – regardless of the combination of 10 values. However, this method of playing blackjack is usually less successful. Stick to a set with a score of 20. Chances of winning will be greater with him than trying to make winning odds from two sets.
Split As: it is permitted by some casinos. This means that if you get another Ace after the split, the new set can be split to make a new bet. Typically, casinos limit up to one additional card per the US. In addition, if you get a value of 10 from an Ace that has been separated beforehand, the value of 21 you get is not considered Blackjack because it only applies to the first two cards dealt by the dealer.

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