Can PS4 Minecraft Play with PC? How does It Work

Minecraft is one of the most famous brick building games on the planet. It is also very popular on Youtube for tutorial videos, tips, player reviews, and even suggestions on how to beautify the brick world. This PS4 game allows players to play in multiplayer mode. But, is it applicable for multiplayer from cross-platform like PC?  Can PS4 Minecraft play with PC?

Until late 2018 Sony still stuck to a policy for blocking cross-play for Minecraft and Fortnight. Instead, Sony PlayStation’s biggest competitors such as Xbox One and Nintendo switch. And with other big players like Windows 10, Android, and iOS jumping on board, there’s no reason for Sony to keep the policy. Sony’s rejection to cross-platform multiplayer for Minecraft has ended by September 2018.

Ultimately, this leads to being able to answer the question: can PS4 Minecraft play with PC? And how does it work? Bookmark this article for further information.

Minecraft, The Most Popular Game of Brick Building

Minecraft is a phenomenon in the gaming industry. This is basically a builder game of building the world from blocks or bricks. It becomes so popular among PC and console gamers because it has no rules or boundaries. Plus, a multiplayer option is available. No wonder it becomes so addictive because.

Since PS4 brings Minecraft to their collection it becomes hype among fans. PlayStation fans now have the ability to join Minecraft world which is pixelated, simple, but awesome. High respect to the survival mode of this game that allows players to experience never-ending challenges. From collecting woods, craft sticks, and planks to mine coals or make torches, etc.

It has also become amazingly more popular since Sony confirms PS4 Minecraft will be able to crossplay on PC. It is a big relief among Minecraft addicts because they can build the world together with friends from other “worlds”.

Can PS4 Minecraft Play with PC? This is Something You Might Miss

Cross-platform features particularly something new in the gaming industry especially console gaming. It was in late 2018 when Epic Games and Fortnite successfully convinced some console producers. In 2019, more game titles support this feature such as Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Sony, although it’s a bit late in this cross-platform play feature with Minecraft. But it’s better late than never. It has proven that PS4 Minecraft players were happy with it because they can play with friends from another platform. It means allowing Minecraft PS4 players to play with PC players.

Microsoft as the license owner of Minecraft announced that this feature cancels all of Sony’s rejection of cross-platform multiplayer on Minecraft. It is because Microsoft was starting to roll out Bedrock Edition to PS4. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition gives full support of crossplay across multi-platform.

It is surprisingly very good news for PS4 fans because they can play together with PC players. Regardless of the policy cancellation and ability to crossplay, it slightly ended the PS4 and Xbox One war on the market. Ultimately they have come to an agreement that a better version of Minecraft is critical for both stakeholders.

How to Play Cross-Platform PS4 Minecraft with PC?

Can PS4 Minecraft Play with PC? How does It Work

Before calling all your buddy players to play Minecraft together, there is something you need to know. Since it’s actually a different platform, some adjustments may be needed. You will also need to know how to do it to make it work.

Minecraft is actually a significant addition to the cross-play games list. It is more than enough to answer the curiosity of can PS Minecraft Play with PC. Now, following there has been so much question on how to make it works, here are things you need to do:

1. Update the Minecraft Game

As mentioned previously the PS4 Minecraft crossplay version was introduced in late 2018 after getting an update from Universal Bedrock. So, the first thing you must do is update your installed Minecraft to 1.99 Bedrock Edition. You can check your update history to be sure you have the updated version. Keep in mind that only Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is able to crossplay with PC.

2. How to Crossplay PS4 to PC for Minecraft

To be able to crossplay your PS4 Minecraft to PC, you will need Microsoft Account. Right away when you open Minecraft on PS4, the sign-in option will immediately emerge. You will find an option of Sign in With Microsoft Account when you open the main menu.

You need to sign in with your selected Microsoft Account. Remember, this account is unable to be unlinked. Once it’s been linked, it attaches to your access to entitlements and Mine Coins on other gaming platforms. So, if you unlink it all of those will be lost.

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After the sign-in option has been selected, you will get a message containing a link and 8 digits unique code. Complete the signing step by entering from your smartphone or PC. Right after completing it, you are ready to crossplay.

3. How to Find Crossplay Friends?

Can PS4 Minecraft Play with PC lead to other questions about how to find friends to play? All you have to do is go to the menu and choose the Play tab. Then, you will find Friend options, click them. It will show you the option of Find Cross-Platform Friends. A dropdown list of Gamertags will emerge right away after you choose the option.

This Gamertags is from a gamer you already friend with. But you can also play with a new gamer by adding friends. The way to do it is to enter Microsoft Gamertag. Now, you can play with everyone, even someone new.

4. Is Xbox Live Needed on PS4 to Crossplay?

You definitely don’t need an Xbox Live subscription as well as any other Microsoft subscription service to be able to cross-play Minecraft. PS4 players only need to create a PlayStation Plus account to be mandatory for Sony gamers to experience multiplayer.

PC Gamers – Can PS4 Minecraft Play with PC?

Since it’s now compatible with all consoles and PC, how can PS4 Minecraft play with PC? Surely you don’t have a PS4 console if your preference is playing on PC. But don’t be sad, PC gamers will be able to play PS4 Minecraft by installing PlayStation Now.

There is no problem if you don’t have a PS4 console, you will still be able to play PS4 Minecraft on your PC. PS4 Minecraft is actually accessible from PC through streaming services. Here is how you do it:

1. Create PlayStation Network Account (PSN)

First, you need to create a PlayStation Network Account to be able to access PlayStation Now. PSN is actually a digital entertainment service that is only available for a certain region. If your region doesn’t support PSN, you can always create PSN US. PSN will allow you to access PlayStation games and download them via PlayStation Store. It is also applicable for PS4 cross-play games.

To set this up, you need to log in to the Setting menu and choose PlayStation Network/Account Management. Next, choose to activate your Primary PS4. You will get confirmation whether your system has been activated as Primary or not. If it were not, click activate and it will lead you to the activation section.

2. Provide Compatible Controller

Because you want to play PS4 Minecraft or maybe any other crossplay games, you will need a compatible controller. It means you will need DualShock 4 connected to your PC. Simply plug your DualShock 4 into the USB port on your PC. You may need some adjustment or installment. Don’t worry, it’s all a normal process.

3. Provide Compatible PC’s Spec

To be able to play PS4 Minecraft on PC you will need to submit to some PC minimum specs requirement. First, your PC must be Windows 7 (SP.1), 8.1 or 10 with 3.5 GHz Intel Core i3 or 3.8 GHz AMD A10 or faster. You will also need available storage for a minimum of 300 MB.

Also, your PC must have a minimum RAM of 2GB. It also must have a sound card as well as a USB port. Please make sure your PC is compatible before taking more steps. Compatible PC will save you from too much lagging and most importantly inability to perform PS4 games.

3. Install PlayStation Now App on PC

To get full access to the PlayStation library and dig the whole game collection, installing PlayStation Now app on your PC is suggested. Once you install it, your Windows PC will get the full game collection. It is precisely the same way as PS4 has.

PlayStation Now the app is a streaming service that needs a subscription. The subscription fee applies the same for PC gamers. But, you can always try the free of charge trial for seven days to ensure whether you need it or not. Keep in mind that you cannot navigate the PlayStation Now menu from your DualShock 4. You still need the mouse to do it.

4. PC’s Java Edition May Not Supported Minecraft Bedrock

Can PS4 Minecraft play with PC for Java Edition? No, it can’t. For those who own Minecraft Java Edition on PC, you will not be able to play PS4 Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It is because Minecraft Java Edition is a separate version from the latest version updated with Bedrock. Java Edition can only crossplay with other Java Edition players.

Now you don’t have to worry about can PS4 Minecraft play with PC because we can assure you that it can. Surely if you meet the requirements to make it work as we explained above. Just try to install PlayStation Now on your computer and start to play. For your information you can buy video game store Australia at store