Choosing the Right Septic Tank for Your Home

When it comes to home appliances, most people tend to go for looks. Most people would choose to buy appliances that will suit their eyes and make their homes more beautiful and aesthetic – buying minimalistic fridges and widescreen TVs. While that is not entirely wrong, one factor that most people forget when choosing appliances is sanitation. This is why choosing the right septic tank is important. One of which can be purchased from a septic tank provider in North Jakarta.

Sanitation is an important factor when it comes to having a cozy and comfortable home. Though it is easy to control sanitation that is apparent to the eye like dirt and dust, one of the most important part of sanitation to control is human waste and feces. That is where affording the right septic tank comes to play.

What is a Right Septic Tank?

A septic tank is an underground chamber usually made of concrete, fiberglass or even plastic that serves as a reserve in which domestic wastewater (sewage) flows through. The water and drains from sinks, showers, toilets and closets all flow down to this tank which they are then filtered. The solids and substances contained in the wastewater is then broken down through anaerobic processes.

The right septic tanks are a more simplified type and is an alternative compared to the big sewage systems that are often found in big cities and sub urban areas. Though septic tanks are usually used in rural areas, it is not rare to see a few houses in the sub urban area that employs septic tanks as well.

Types of Septic Tanks

There are various types of septic tanks for you to choose from depending on the type that you need. Currently, there are at least 4 different types of septic tanks available in the market. The 4 types mentioned are concrete septic tank, steel septic tank, fiberglass/plastic septic tank and aerobic septic tank.

With different types come different functions and needs, hence before picking a septic tank it is important to know the different types of septic tanks. While different types of septic tanks have different susceptibility towards harm, keep in mind that this often comes from poor installation. So try to find a good septic tank installation service for the best quality services.

Concrete Septic Tank

The first type of septic tank is concrete septic tank. These septic tanks are usually susceptible to cracking and separation. Though very durable for a few decades, cracks can surface much earlier. This happens when a low-quality concrete mix was used or the septic system hasn’t been properly taken care of and maintained. The cracks that open up inside the septic tank will give room for effluence (waste) to seep out of the concrete septic tank and/or allow groundwater to seep in. This is not necessarily a good thing. This causes blockage that results in clogging and the septic tank not working properly. This is why it is very important to keep regular maintenance of concrete septic tanks early on.

Steel Septic Tank

Compared to the other types of septic tanks, steel septic tanks are the least favored option due to its low durability. Steel septic tanks are usually designed to last for not more than 20 – 25 years. Even before that, they are very prone to rust. These septic tanks can often be found in older homes and are now being outclassed by the more modern types. This can be the right septic tank if you are on a tight budget.

Fiberglass/Plastic Septic Tank

Compared to concrete and steel septic tanks, fiberglass septic tanks are levels above in terms of permeability – which is an important trait of a septic tank. Fiberglass septic tanks possess high level of permeability which means that fluids and water cannot easily pass through it. It is also highly resistant to the rusting and cracking that the steel septic tank is notorious for.

Although fiberglass septic tanks are more resistant towards the natural chemical processes of a septic system, its lighter weight makes it more susceptible to structural damage. To make sure the tank is not damaged, careful and detailed installment is required. Other than that, the ground above the tank should be carefully marked. Try to not drive any vehicles over the tank. The fiberglass septic tank can rise out of the groundbreaking pipes along the way. This is the right septic tank you can try today.

Aerobic Septic Tank

Aerobic septic tanks use the help of oxygen to increase the rate of decomposition of the effluent or wastewater. Aerobic septic tanks are also different from the former septic tanks due to the fact that it uses electricity to function. In most cases, aerobic septic tanks are installed to replace broken or damaged septic tanks.

Aerobic septic tanks typically cost more compared to the other types of septic tanks. Although this is the case, aerobic septic tanks are much more efficient. In terms of durability, aerobic septic tanks require more frequent and more extensive maintenance. This is due to the fact that aerobic septic tanks have complex systems inside of it which requires periodic care.

How to Choose the Right Septic Tank for Your Home

There are a lot of factors to consider when trying to choose the right septic tank for your home. The first factor to consider is the size. There are many different sizes of septic tanks that you can choose, ranging from small to big. Choosing the right septic tank size can be determined by the amount of water you and your family uses.

If you have a lot of members in your family and they all use considerable amount of water, then you should try to choose the big sized septic tank – specifically the one with a 1200-gallon capacity. A septic tank that size can ensure that the effluent and wastewater is properly processed. However, if you are living alone or with a partner, going for the 900-gallon capacity septic tank is enough. Do note that this depends on how much water you or other individuals around you use.

The second factor to consider is your location. If you own a house near vehicular-traffic areas, going for the fiberglass septic tank is not recommended. Due to the fact that it cannot hold vehicle weight. In this case, going for the concrete septic tank is good. As different location brings different requirements, you should be able to assess your location. This is to make sure you get the right septic tank for your home.

The last factor to consider is the pump. A turbine pump is considered to be the best pump you can get in a septic tank due to the fact that it is reliable and durable. However, this means that the turbine pump is much more expensive. Another alternative would be the centrifugal pump, which is much cheaper but does not last that long compared to the turbine pump.

There surely is a lot of factors to consider when trying to choose the right septic tank. If you are unsure of which type to choose, make sure you contact your local contractor and do more research to ensure that you choose the right septic tank for your home.