Download Lords of Football for Match and Role Playing

Lords of Football is a soccer game that combines soccer matches and role playing. If you are a fan of The Sims game, then this lords of football is perfect for you. By downloading this game, you can play two games in one game.

Playing lords of football provides a different in-game experience. Many soccer games only do manager matches or simulations. However, through this game you can enjoy being a role player.

You can play the role of a soccer player outside the field. Of course this will be very interesting because it is as if you act directly as the character.

Lords of football was first launched in 2013. The game was developed by Geniaware srl, a gaming company in Italy. At the beginning of its appearance, this game was intended for Microsoft Windows users.

How to Download the Lords of Football Game Easily

Lords of Football is designed for the PC platform. So for gamers who want to play this game, prepare your PC to make your playing experience even more enjoyable. How to download lords of football is fairly easy.

Here’s how to download the lords of football

Make sure the PC you are using meets specifications

Visit the Steam site to download the lords of football game at

Enter the site by logging in with each account

Perform a search by typing keywords in the column provided

Select a game and make a payment according to the price stated

Once confirmed, the game can be downloaded and played

Pretty easy, right? This lords of football game is quite cheap for a soccer game. There are several package options that can be purchased from this game. The first package is the purchase of the regular edition of Lords of Football at a price of IDR 115,999.

As for the special edition Lords of Football, the Royal Edition, the price is IDR 135,999. With this price you can get 3 items, namely Lords of Football, Lords of Football: Eastern Europe, Lords of Football: Super Training.

As for the price per non-packaged item, you can buy it for IDR 65,197 for three pieces. The items available include Lords of Football: United States at a price of IDR 18,999. Then Lords of Football: Super Training for IDR 45 999. And Lords of Football: Eastern Europe IDR 18,999

PC Specifications for Download This Game

Playing Lords of Football will certainly be fun to fill weekends and spare time. This game is only available on PC devices. For other platforms such as Android and Apple, PS or Nintendo are not available.

Playing Lords of Football requires several PC device qualifications and specifications so that the game can be played optimally. Choosing the right PC will also make the in-game system operate flawlessly. What is needed to be able to download this Lords of Football game?

What needs to be prepared is a PC device, be it a laptop or computer. PC must have at least 3 GB of memory. The PC that will be used to play this game must have a graphics card of at least AMD Radeon HD 4550 with a minimum Windows Vista operating system.

Don’t forget about the CPU, the PC used must meet a minimum CPU with an Intel Core 2 Duo 36550. These specifications are still light compared to other soccer games. The game file size is only 9 GB for the entire operating system.

Lords of Football Game Review

Lords of Football is a soccer game that offers games with different alternatives. Many game developers give an edge to the soccer match section. Meanwhile, Lords of Football combines a lifestyle simulation game with a soccer match.

The main focus in this game is not on the matches on the soccer field. But how to play an everyday role as a soccer player. In addition, you can also adjust when and what forms of training are. Of course very interesting right?

The graphic visual appearance displayed in this lords of football game carries a 3D concept. This view serves to give a real impression to the player and the properties in it. However, it still needs to be updated and improved in the visuals because it still doesn’t seem optimal.

Playing this game certainly won’t make you bored quickly. This is because players can play roles outside the field. For example, by going to a pub or club. Players or characters that are played can also come to the restaurant and hang out with friends.

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Even though there are activities outside the field, activities that focus on sports are still the main thing. For example, during routine training and warm-up before competing. This training system can also be determined freely.

Another plus is that the characters in this game can be configured as desired. For example, the name, jersey, logo, and club name can be made according to your wishes. How interesting isn’t it? Come on, try it!