Game Makes Squint-Eyes for Children

Currently the game is something that is popular in society. Almost all people play this game. ranging from teenagers to students and adults. Games are really fun.

But did you know that one of the effects that can happen to children who play games for too long that game makes squint-eyes?

Games are divided into 2 types, namely online games and offline games. Online games are games that can be played on 2 types of devices, namely smartphones and computers/laptops. Both of them need the internet as a support.

Online games played via smartphones are online games that are very popular today compared to online games that can be played on a computer or laptop. But are you aware that online games have a lot of negative impacts?

One of the negative effects of games is game makes squint-eyes. This is because children who have been playing games for too long have been staring at their smartphones for too long while playing games.

On average, a child plays online games while sleeping. Ultraviolet rays that are too long into the eyes and added to the lying position while watching are thought to make children cross-eyed.

There is a case of a game makes squint-eyes. The father of the child said when he was not aware his son always took the cellphone to play games for ten days. And finally it resulted in a fatal thing for his son, namely his eyes became squint.

Doctors also warn that when children play with cellphones at a very young age, it will make their eyeballs retract, which in turn causes nearsightedness or myopia.

Various online games that are currently popular are Mobile Legend, PUBG, Call of Duty and many more. Each of these games has a very large number of players or players. and they love the game so much that they can play the game for a very long time.



Game makes squint-eyes is a serious problem if it happens to a child that must be a concern for parents because of course this will greatly interfere with the child’s life for his future.

Like gambling and drugs, online games are also addictive for the players. Addiction of game is as big as gambling, but the only difference is that the negative effects caused by games are not as big as from gambling.

The effects of gambling itself can be clearly seen in society. Some of the effects of gambling include making people poor, gambling making mental depression and many other bad effects. And of course this is very bad.

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Now we back to the topic today. Now we already know that games have a bad effect on players, including game makes squint-eyes. If you don’t want your child experience this,  then limit your child’s time of playing games. Don’t let your kids play games for a long time. Emphasize to children that the longest playing time is 2 hours a day and no more. This can prevent the bad effects of online games