Gems of Egypt Connecta Ways Slot Demo: RTP, Volatility Features

Gems of Egypt Connecta Ways Slot Demo. Although the appearance is recognizable, Boomerang Studios has shown courage by testing a few items that are uncommon in the category of games with Egyptian themes. One is the unorthodox slot design seen in Gems of Egypt, which is made even more unorthodox by the brand-new, constantly-evolving Dynamic Reels feature created in-house.

Gamers are greeted by a wide-eyed Manga Cleopatra when the game loads because Boomerang places a strong emphasis on creating games for the Asian market. Cleopatra is usually portrayed as aloof and regal. She has an Asuna Yuuki-like physique in this photo, being leggy and chesty. There’s no need to get all academic about it because this is gambling, not Gibbon.

We have definitely landed once we have entered the game. A strange slot in the shape of a panpipe is guarded by two dashing figures that resemble the Sphinx and is located outside a temple or palace.

It’s a good background picture that’s both recognizable for Egypt fans to feel at home and distinctive enough to leave a lasting impression. The logo, which was styled by Boomerang using the Pricedown font taken directly from Grand Theft Auto, is located in the upper left corner. Nothing can be undone once it has been seen.

The arithmetic technique behind Gems of Egypt, which is playable from 25 cents to £/€35 per spin, generates a variety of reliable and suspect numbers. An RTP of 95.6% is one of the not so fantastic things, and it can be enough to make gamers stop. The medium-high volatility may favor risk-takers with a harsher edge, but wins and bonuses show up more frequently than you might anticipate. Free spins, for instance, potentially have a hit frequency of 1 in 112 spins.

The Connecta Ways mechanic from Boomerang has been made available for use in winning. We have encountered it previously, so it’s not new. The method was also employed in the previous game Wild Joker Stacks. With Gems of Egypt, there are up to 961 ways to win when fully expanded, as opposed to that game’s maximum of 99 Connecta Ways. Winning symbols in the Connecta system can appear in any row as long as they are close together and connective.

The game’s symbols differ from the Egyptian slot machine icons you might be used to. It seems strange at first that there are no card royals or gods. Following four polished gems set in gold bands are four stones of varying colors, all of equal value, on the low side.

With the exception of the big diamond, all symbol types pay out when at least three of a kind appear. Players receive a reward of 10x their stake if a line of six diamonds lands. On the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth reels, the doe-eyed Cleopatra acts as a wild symbol. As a stand-alone, it has no value. The scatter is the only symbol it cannot replace; all other symbols can.

Gems of Egypt Connecta Ways Slot Demo
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Gems of Egypt Connecta Ways Slot Demo: Features

A session is spiced up by Dynamic Reels in addition to the scatter symbol awarding free spins. Every single spin has Dynamic Reels, where each reel expands or contracts to a different height. Always, the right reel will be one symbol larger or smaller than the left reel.

The snapshot shows that the maximum heights of the reels vary, from left to right, and range from 2 to 10. Dynamic Reels resemble Spartacus Megaways’ shifting curtain feature, which was implemented by WMS, in many ways. During the bonus game, however, it was less obtrusive and on a smaller scale.

When three or more of the scarab scatter symbols are visible, the Gems of Egypt Connecta Ways Slot Demo bonus game, which consists of a round of free spins, is activated. When 3, 4, 5, or 6 scarabs appear, players receive 8 free spins in addition to a payout of 5x, 20x, 75x, or 100x.

The only thing that alters during the bonus rounds is that wilds are stacked on reels 2 to 6. Additionally, during the bonus game, more free spins can be acquired. The final point is that without the necessity for scatters, free spins may be given at random on any paid spin.

Gems of Egypt Connecta Ways Slot Demo: Verdict

For the first time, Boomerang has adopted the long-honored Egyptian motif and added some individuality to it. Although Gems of Egypt Connecta Ways Slot Demo may not be to everyone’s taste, bravo for not taking your cues directly from the Book of Ra. Fans of Egypt who enjoy a little originality in the sweltering sands might be game for a try. Gems of Egypt isn’t a must-see film overall, despite the addition of Dynamic Reels.

With their ability to change after each spin, Dynamic Reels do create some suspense. However, the things they conceal are frequently more frustrating than the things they reveal. At least in this game, you aren’t teased by what’s happening beneath the reel covers, as in some others.

When the additional win ways and symbols are available, they will occasionally open the board, lighting up a respectable hit. Most of the time, you’ll need to wait for free spins to arrive, which will be made easier by a pile of Cleopatra wilds. The opportunity to win the game’s maximum payout of 4,818 times your stake is also present during free spins. The fair frequency of bonus spins is yet another advantage.Overall,

Gems of Egypt Connecta Ways Slot Demo sort of misses more often than it hits. It’s difficult to criticize Boomerang too harshly for that, though, as they have created something unique for the busy Egyptian slot genre. Play on bp77 slot!

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