Is Gambling Poker Online a Mental Illness ?

Many health experts say, poker online games making mental illness. Because of that, you must be aware of maintaining mental health. The outcome of every poker game, since the card you know equal to dealing with time. Learning poker online is easy including Link Poker

In the beginning, you must deal with 2 cards which are faced down. Then thought to match the possible strategy with the cards dealer deal in community cards. So, it becomes possible to winning many sessions or tournaments. In this article, we will focus on mental illness when you are gambling poker only overly.

You could be master perfectly and get many winning. As long as you acknowledge the poker basic rules and not depend on the luck in gambling online. Every professional poker gamer has enough weapons, like strategy, and able to make quick decisions. 

You will kill yourself if you entering the tournament without a good strategy. It is because your opponents have their strategy secret. The key to this gambling not only knowing the basics of odd poker rules but also manage and understand the mental aspect.

Poker Online – Having Mental Discipline to Win Gambling

Online Gambling Addiction

At least, poker online gambling is beat and bet. For example, having little cards but the main goal is to make other opponents put many chips on the table as much as they want. Perhaps put all of their chips.

On the other hand, you have no know what other opponents are holding at that time. Technically, your position hard to get paid off within the card that you have. You have to use your strategy to get things right.

Sometimes, you need a mental trick to make them see that the card that you don’t have. It is called the way you make money in gambling. Don’t forget the first thing you need to develop is mental discipline. 

You could practice reading the opponent’s face and body language properly. Even you have a huge and large bankroll doesn’t guarantee to win every poker session or tournament. It is important to stabilize your emotion during the poker game. 

If your emotion doesn’t stable, all your strategy and effort will be useless. You will lose many times. You may someone who has good intelligence, but poker isn’t science. This game seems like a roller coaster cycle. 

There might be the days that a poker player plays their best against the inferior players but still lose. That day will screw you completely. Having weak mental health could affect your bad days’ mood entering the game. It makes you have no concentration to do the things as a poker player.

Gambling and Poker Online Increase Mental Illness

The University of Canada has studied on gambling player in February 2012. They took data measured by general sociodemographic information. The participant from gambling player was collected from age, sex, education, economic situation, and marital status.

The result shows that the most chosen gambling from participants is poker. It took 85% of the participants. The participant has two outcomes on the poker game. First, the participant chooses “I mostly play poker on the Internet”. Second, the participant chooses “I mostly play land-based poker”.

Two ways of playing poker games are associated with poker modality. Besides, there are still many gambling games played during the past year. These gambling activities following poker online:

  • instant prizes or scratch-and-win,
  • lotto tickets,
  • horse track races,
  • bingo,
  • raffle tickets, 
  • draws or fundraisers, 
  • blackjack at the casino,
  • keno at the casino 
  • slot machines at the casino, 
  • roulette at the casino, 
  • video lotteries,
  • sports betting, 
  • betting on a card or board games,
  • betting on pool and bowling,
  • betting on video games, and
  • trading stocks.

Poker and Gambling gamer have a problem that measures from 4 categories : (0) no risk; (1–2) low risk; (3–7) moderate risk; and (8–27). Based on the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) by Ferris and Wynne in 2001 many gamblers who played more than 12 hours per day potentially have beck anxiety or trauma.

Besides, the main effect of playing a poker game over time is functional and structural on the neural reward system. It’s the part of neural structures and drives your brain to learn, pleasure, and arise motivation.

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