Leprechaun Heist Slot Review: The RTP is 96%, and The Volatility is Moderate To High

Blue Guru Games produced the online slot machine known as Leprechaun Heist slot. A free spins bonus game, random wilds, scatter payouts, and symbol upgrades are among the primary features. The RTP is 96%, and the volatility is moderate to high. The maximum payout in the game is 6706 times your initial wager. 

We all have an image of leprechauns as cheery characters that travel with pints of beer, shamrocks, and rainbows. However, Blue Guru Games had a completely different idea in mind when developing the Leprechaun Heist slot. The provider concentrated on Irish Americans, their history, and St. Patrick’s Day festivities rather than bearded magical beings.

The topic of this slot is complex, but you’ll likely feel less overwhelmed knowing that you’ll be dealing with a ton of reliable features and captivating images. As we discuss the Leprechaun Heist slot machine, take a stroll with us through the gritty streets of Boston and carry an Irish flag to blend in with the crowd!

Theme And Graphics

Leprechaun Heist Slot

This Irish game was developed by Blue Guru Games in Boston, on the drab streets rather than the lush Irish highlands. The slot plays with the popular image of the Irish mafia while drawing inspiration from Irish-American criminals like Clarence and John Anglin, Frank Morris, and John Dillinger.

The odd viewpoint in the game is the first thing you’ll notice. It nearly seems like you are a member of the infamous gang getting ready to rob a bank. No one seems to notice a group of men dressed as Leprechauns who are prepared to cross over to the wrong side of the law in the middle of a packed street with Irish flags flying everywhere.

Leprechaun Heist Slot RTP And Variance

The RTP for Leprechaun Heist is 96%. Even though this isn’t the highest rate offered by an online slot machine, it is still entirely fair. When it comes to casino slots, the volatility is exactly what one would anticipate it to be. Be prepared to play a lot of fruitless spins before finding one that will truly pay off. The game’s top payout is 6,706 times your wager.

How To Play

Fortunately, playing the Leprechaun Heist demo slot or a real money game doesn’t require joining a gang:

  • The Spin button is the large button with the pointer. Put the reels in motion with it.
  • To change the stakes, click either of the two pointers adjacent to the bet amount.
  • For a more relaxed experience, start auto-gaming:
    • With a single click, you can spin 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or an unlimited number of times.
    • Define the win ceiling.
    • Decide on the loss cap.
    • Change the win limit for one game.
  • To learn more about the regulations and the paytable, click the Menu button.

Leprechaun Heist Bonus

Leprechaun Heist is not only visually amazing, but also a ton of fun. Players particularly appreciate the game’s wilds, free spins bonus, multipliers, and a few other features.

Scatter payouts and tumble wins are the two most noticeable aspects. The game will take away the winning symbols each time you make a winning combination and let the new ones fall in their place. As long as there are victories to be paid out, the tumbles never stop.

In addition, they offer you the chance to activate supplementary features, but let’s not go there just yet.

Free Spins

The scatter symbol is used in a lot of Irish games, but not in the Leprechaun Heist slot. The meter on the right must be filled; special symbols do not need to land there. You need to land 16 consecutive cascades, which is difficult, in order to accomplish this, so get ready to work up a sweat!

The bonus round begins with 8 no-risk spins. During the round, certain symbols with multipliers ranging from x2 to x5 may fall. A bonus feature of Leprechaun Heist free spins is Ammo Level Ups. When you reach level 16 in the meter, the game will award you with 5 extra spins.

Ammo Level Ups

You won’t be able to pull off the theft without all the required tools and weapons thanks to Ammo Level Ups. Every fourth cascade you complete activates this feature. You can utilize one of four types of Ammos:

  • After the first four, the Random Wilds feature starts to work and adds a random number of wild symbols.
  • Symbol Upgrade—which turns on after 8—upgrades a type of symbol to a higher value.
  • A random symbol is changed into another by the Symbol Transformer, which requires 12 victories.
  • After 16 straight victories, the Heist Free Bonus Round begins.

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Leprechaun Heist Review – Our Verdict

Every spring, Irish-themed games proliferate, but very few of them stand out the way the Leprechaun Heist slot does. It is a much-needed breath of fresh air conceptually. But how well-built is the gaming system?

Not As Action-Packed As It Seems

Before you can say “Guinness,” Leprechaun Heist slot has you completely engrossed. The Blue Guru Games squad gave it their all. The group succeeded in developing a slot machine with amazing visuals and a fantastic soundtrack that will inspire you to dig out that old Dubliners CD you used to keep in your car. For gamers that don’t care about Rainbow Riches or 9 Pots of Gold, it is a positive step.

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