History of Lottery in Indonesia

You must be wondering about the history of lottery in Indonesia. The lottery itself is actually not the official name for number  lottery betting but rather an abbreviation which means “dark “. The gambler who guesses this number is called  but he is often called the lottery. why is it called the lottery? Why can lottery be legalized by the government?

Well, most Indonesian people did not think that this  lottery game came after the era of donating social funds with prizes or what we usually hear about SDSB. In fact, unlike Bandar Gambling Cambodia on the situs togel terpercaya site, it has been present in Indonesia since the Dutch colonial era.

History of Lottery in Indonesia

Lottery in Indonesia

The entry of lottery in Indonesia appeared since the Dutch colonial era. It is not known exactly when and who brought this  Lottery game to Indonesia. However, we can be certain that the ones who brought this game were foreign traders who entered Indonesia. As we previously know, independent Indonesia, our local culture does not recognize Latin letters and Roman numerals.

Indonesia, which was once a collection of the Hindustan kingdoms, uses Sanskrit. Then since Sidharta Gautama, a Buddhist and Hindu philosophy and science, penetrated all corners of the world, Srivijaya’s work was once the center of Buddhist education throughout the world and India.

At this time, the lottery game is still unknown by many people in the archipelago. And after the Dutch entered Indonesia, they are believed to have brought the  Lottery game which is synonymous with the world of entertainment and the night world. From then on, the local population was more or less influenced by the Dutch and this  lottery game.

How Does the History of Lottery Stand?

When the Dutch were eager to establish a unionized Indonesian state and a royal system which was beginning to be abolished, the governor-general of the Dutch East Indies in Batavia (now known as Jakarta) regulated the  lottery game system as a cash market and entertainment service.

This is the history of lottery in Indonesia. Both foreigners like the Dutch and local residents can also play the  lottery. Initially the name “lottery” was not known as it is today. Anyone can participate to play because it is not illegal yet. The  Lottery game continued until Indonesia’s independence.

After Indonesia was no longer busy with the problem of gaining independence, the first president Soekarno as the first president in Indonesia had begun to rise and shape the mental generation of young people better than in the past.

And he issued a Presidential Decree No. 114 of 1965 which stated that all forms of lottery gambling were considered illegal because they were considered to destroy “the morals of the nation’s children”. This policy was issued during the formation and creation of the Political Manifesto (Manipol) as a result of the compromise of Soekarno and D.N Audit.

The goal of establishing the Manipol was actually to create a kind of “cultural revolution”. Soekarno and D.N Audit tried to imitate the Great Leap Forward in China which was considered to have succeeded in returning the character of the Indonesian nation.

Yet without anyone knowing that the existing policies in China have actually failed miserably. This was not known by the world public until Mao Zhedong died. In Policy began to regulate hairstyles, and prohibited the playing of the song The Beatless, and prohibited the screening of western films and others.

The Manipol policy could not last long because the Indonesian economy continued to deteriorate over time until a very historic incident occurred in Indonesia until now known as the September 30, 1965 Movement (G30SPKI).

In fact, there are many mysteries left from the G30SPKI which are still a puzzle. And in this incident, Soekarno was held hostage as a house prisoner until the mysterious death of D.N Aidit. This led to the initiation of human rights violations from the Suharto camp, who were suspected of being more PKI supporters.

After the Soekarno era ended, Soeharto took over all positions and became a leader who was nicknamed an Indonesian iron fist. And he also eliminated Manipol until the Supersemar and the New Order were born under Suharto.

What Happened to the History of Lottery in the New Order era?

After the Manipol era ended, the history of lottery in Indonesia entered a new chapter. The  lottery can be played again and the system is regulated by the government such as the Regional Government and the central government. However, in this era the lottery did not sound like a gambling game. Lottery is run not as a lottery but just a sports coupon with prizes.

In 1968, the local government of Surabaya issued a Lotto (Lottere Totalisator), to raise funds. This is of course to raise PON funds which will be held in Surabaya. There is another whose name is NALO which means (National Lottere). Nalo was there when governor Ali Sadikin formed it to carry out a British forecast in a very simple form and did not cause a gambling effect. The prize that has been guessed will be shared by the organizer, government, and the guesser.

The history of lottery in Indonesia has also been used to support the development and guidance of Indonesia’s achievements in sports. on December 28, 1985, the Porkas Soccer Prize Coupon began to be sold freely. The government itself fully supports this activity by regulating Law No. 22 1945 concerning lottery prizes.

At that time, it was believed that this lottery would not have a negative impact on social life. Therefore, in 1987, Porkas began to develop and changed its name to the Sports Donation Coupon with Prize (KSOB).

The history of SDSB formation in Indonesia

By keeping up with the times and following the UK and Singapore in managing prize draw coupons, Indonesia began to form the Social Fund with Prize Donations or SDSB. However, what makes a difference is that in Indonesia the games such as Lottery, , Porkas, Coupons are organized and operated by the government.

This made the SDSB not as good as Singapore and the UK because taxes and corrupt government at that time took a very large portion of this lottery. The history of SDSB in Indonesia is important to know because this is the foundation that formed the modern lottery we know today.

In Indonesia, SDSB has been successful enough to be able to raise massive money from the Indonesian people. In a period of just one year (January to December) 1987 SOB managed to raise a very large amount of funds from the community of 221.2 billion.

If you count it with the increase (inflation) if it is calculated by now, it might be trillions. Even though the funds that have been collected from the public are very large, the organs of government are not good, they each take a very large share.

This is what makes it bad, and the funds that have been collected are not beneficial to the welfare of the Indonesian people. With a corrupt government, SDSB, which is expected to revive Indonesia, has actually made Indonesia’s economy worse off and in freefall. Finally, MUI and other organizations issued a decision to ban all kinds of  lotteries. However, the people who are already crazy about this activity cannot stop there. They can still continue this lottery game by stealth.

Now the organizers are following the Singapore market. Because the game has been secretive,  has now earned the nickname Togel which means dark . This is the history of lottery in Indonesia until a more modern lottery is formed, namely online lottery which is a type of online betting like today.

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