Mighty Medusa Slot Demo Machine Review (RTP 96.60%)

Habanero’s Mighty Medusa slot demo has 6 reels and 4 rows with 466 possible winning combinations. It takes place in a dilapidated temple, abandoned and invaded on all sides by vegetation and the forces of Medusa whose statue is in the center.

Take heart, for you play with the winged sandals, the Pegasus, Perseus the fighter, and a sturdy helmet. The snake representing the Scatter can win you up to 100 free spins, and a multiplier of 100 points. The maximum win potential is 1,729 times the original bet.

Mighty Medusa Slot Demo – Beware in the Temple of Medusa

Mighty Medusa Slot Demo

It is in a disused temple of ancient Greece that the adventure takes place. At the center of this building is a giant statue of Medusa, with protruding eyes filled with light, much like the eye or jewel that sits in the middle of her banana-stretched forehead. This gloomy look is felt throughout the room.

Around the statue, there is a mist low to the ground, and men transformed into status stood petrified, immobilized by the powerful spell of the Gorgon. The rest of the room is made up of pillars, some of which are totally gutted. The whole is overgrown with plant stems that meander everywhere like the natural reptiles of this creature.

The game grid seems rather safe and sound compared to this dilapidated room. It is made up of stone squares on which the symbols of the game are placed. First of all, there is the poker suite going from the J to the A card formed in a kind of cast bronze with style and nonchalance.

On the other side, there are the following premium symbols: the winged sandals, the helmet of a Roman soldier, the winged horse Pegasus, and the knight Perseus. The Scatter is represented by a big green snake ready to attack, and the Wild is represented by Medusa the witch.

Try to multiply your winnings by 100 and win up to 100 free spins

For its part Mighty Medusa slot demo is a slot of 6 reels cut by 4 rows with 466 possible winning combinations. To try to have the head of the gorgon, you must plan a bet between 30 cents and 6,000 euros per spin, and face a redistribution rate of 92.21% which can go up to 96.60%. The maximum winning potential is around 1,729 times the initial bet.

Be on your guard, because at any time the Medusa Duel feature may engage. It is launched especially when the symbol of Perseus is around the symbol of Medusa. This feature consists of a real fight between the gorgon and the soldier, and each serpent cut from Medusa’s head enters the grid as a Wild and acts according to the same attributes. The main attribute is to replace a symbol to form a winning combination.

The Medusa Duel feature can therefore win you a hell of a lot. Especially since, if the Wild fills an entire line, it pays you the equivalent of 10 times the bet. And this is the case for each filled line.

Also, watch out for the snake-shaped Scatter. 3 to 6 Scatters give you between 7 and 100 free spins. Also, land 6 Scatters on the game board, and you win a reward equivalent to 100 times the initial bet. For play real money, you can visit Slot Gacor Gampang Menang site.


During the free spins, you will see the Medusa Wild symbol falling in the middle of the board in the form 2×2. It will stay stuck on the grid, and no other Wilds can fall on the grid while it is there. In this same mode, Perseus turns into stone, and into Wild at the end of a duel with Medusa. You can also expect to see a 2×2 Pegasus on reels 1-2, or on reels 5-6.

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