Most Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia

Indonesia is made up of more than 1700 islands. Within each and every island, there is a coast and a beach. All of these locations are waiting to be discovered by tourists. Everyday, there are many tourists that are looking for new beautiful beaches spots to visit. People usually come to Indonesia to look for interesting spots to visit.

These kinds of spots must be the most beautiful beaches they have ever seen. There are an endless amount of new beaches in Indonesia that is yet to be discovered. Out of all of the 1700 islands, there are hundreds that had been discovered. Some of which will be discussed today. So sit tight and have a good read ahead.

What can be categorized as the Most Beautiful Beaches?

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia has a crystal clear view. This means that the beach is not yet polluted and still clean. It is very important to keep beaches clean after visiting. This is one of the main reasons why beaches’ ecosystems are breaking down. To keep a beach from being beautiful, throw trash directly to where it belongs. You can reach this place by renting a Hiace.

Another category for the most beautiful beaches are also its attractions. Many beaches offer different kinds of activities so that people have things to do. Some of the best amazing things to do is to dive or snorkle. These kinds of activities becomes a highlight of a beautiful beach. Not to forget people who loves to surf too. Surfers often find the cleanest, most amazing beaches in Indonesia.

Kuta Beach, Bali

First and foremost, Kuta beach is an international favorite amongst the tourists. This small paradise offers a bundle of wonders. One of its specialty is its high risings waves. Due to the high risings waves, this had attracted hundreds of surfers from around the globe. There are even some surfing tournaments hosted in Kuta beach. Besides being great for a surfing spot, newly wedded couples also visit this place. Kuta beach has the most beautiful sunsets during 5 to 6 pm. The orange like skies would blend well with a tint of purple and blue.

Nusa Dua Beach, Bali

Another beach that is located in the island as Bali is also a famous destination. Without even seeing it firsthand, you can see beautiful pictures of this beach online. The blue color of the seas are natural and not fake. No wonder why dozens to hundreds of tourists visits the Nusa Dua Beach every single day. There are also some fun activities to do while you are in Nusa Dua Beach. Some of the activities are such as doing Balinese spa, surfing, sun bathing, and an amazing culinary experience. Besides being well known for its most beautiful beaches, Indonesia is also famous for its cuisines. So come taste some of its amazing spice rich cuisines.

Pink Beach, Flores

The most beautiful beaches in Indonesia can come in many different colors. This one particular beach offers a different unique twist than your usual everyday beaches. Usually, a beach would have brownish or even white color to it. The name of this beach directly reflects the features that it offers. A pink sanded beach is a rare thing to find in the entire world. There are only a total of 7 discovered beaches with pink sand. So if you are looking for a rare place to go to, try the Pink beach in Lombok.

Gili Islands

One isolated island that sits in the middle of the ocean is the Gili Islands. The Gili Islands is only accessible when you are travelling from Lombok. A short boat ride is needed to get to this destination. This place is a carbon free beach. Hence, there will be no vehicles that roams around the Gili Islands.

Up to this date, there are still no modern forms of transportation. Even if you are a visitor or a tourist, you need to walk around to travel. But do not worry, the island is quite small and you can roam around freely. Doing a nature exploration on this island is beautiful too. But one attraction that makes people fall in love with the Gili Islands are the diving experience. You can get a good dive while exploring some underwater beauty for an affordable price.

Kanawa Island, Flores

If you have heard of the Komodo Island, well this is another spot you might want to visit. The Komodo National Park that is situated in the Komodo Island is very near to this beach. This beach is very clean and it is well maintained. Not many tourist have swarmed this place yet, but it will sure be a favorite destination soon.

The Kanawa Island is categorized as one of the most beautiful beaches due to the view. Not all beaches can offer a beautiful sunset every single day. Kanawa Island is placed in the perfect spot over the horizon. Hence, getting a beautiful view at the sunset.

You can also find dozens of sea creatures while adventuring around the beach. Some of which are sea turtles, fishes, crabs, and also star fishes. There are many other marine life that you can find around the island. Kanawa Island can be considered as a private island as not many people visit it. If you do choose to visit this place, then you might need a tour and travel company to help you.

Nyang Nyang Beach

Last but not least on today’s list is the most known beach in Bali. Besides being one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, this beach known to be the spot for photography. If you are looking for a new photo to be posted in Instagram, this beach is the perfect spot.

There are dozens of affordable cuisines and attractions too. So if you are on a tight budget, come visit the Nyang Nyang beach. Sitting and enjoying the sunset would not cost you any cent.