The Progressive: For over forty years, Heather Booth has worked to build a small-d democracy

University of Chicago alum and progressive activist Heather Booth has taken on what she calls a “David and Goliath” fight for financial reform. She recently became executive director of Americans for Financial Reform (AFR), a coalition of national and state organizations that have united to improve the regulations of the financial sector. Financial reform will … Read more

Numerical Order: Famed statistician Nate Silver discusses the future of his near-flawless forecasting

Of all the speakers chosen for the panel on “Race and the American Voter,” Nate Silver is possibly least qualified for the role. The other members of the discussion are, unlike Silver, mostly minorities; all add more to the conversation than Silver, and when he does speak, he doesn’t really bring up the detailed statistical analyses … Read more

Home sweet home

Pittsburgh, an ordinary day in 1923. The city is bustling about its usual business, until—without warning—a small airplane dips down from the skies and towards sidewalks and streets. It weaves around buildings, skims dangerously close to pedestrians, working the city into a panic, until suddenly the rogue flier opens its hatch, and hundreds of candy bars—a … Read more