Professional Gambling Players in Legendary Indonesian Literature

Literary work is a part of art in conveying story ideas. Various story ideas emerged and entered into writings that took many different forms. One of them is the character of a professional gambling player who is made an important figure in a literary work.

In general, literary works have two forms, namely fiction and non-fiction. Types of literary works in the form of fiction can be poetry, prose, or drama. Meanwhile, non-fiction literary works usually take the form of essays, biographies, and literary criticism.

The purpose of writing literary works is to translate ideas and ideas into a writing. By pouring these ideas out, there will be a communication of ideas from the author to the reader. For example, conveying ideas about professional gambling players who want to be conveyed in an aesthetic way.

Currently, Indonesian literary works have experienced a lot of development and progress. Lots of works that have received awards at various international levels. In the world of novels, for example, many works have been turned into a film.

Talking about literature and social phenomena, the writings that exist and are contained in a novel are usually things related to real life conditions. One example is the prevalence of gambling games involving professional players. By using puns, these are conveyed implicitly or explicitly.

There are a lot of novels in Indonesia that insert gambling players, both ordinary and professional gamblers, into the story line. Although gambling itself is a deviant activity, there is no irregularity in a literary work.

Stories of Gambling Players from Amongst College Students

Hearing the words of students, usually what immediately comes to mind is learning activities on campus. By bearing this predicate, children will feel they choose more prestige because they can attain higher knowledge. But what if what you find are students with chaotic lives?

This story is in a novel called Puthut EA’s Delightful Scum. The students in this novel actually live in a mess, become gambling players even though they are not professional, spend a lot of time studying because they don’t graduate, and get drunk. Do not believe?

Puthut EA shared this story through a novel that is light enough to read. This novel also presents some typical Javanese jokes in it. Of course, because the story in this novel is about student life in the Yogyakarta area .

Becoming a professional gambling player is an indirect goal for the characters in the novel. They even have the nickname, The Jack Society. The friendship between them is also so strong that it gave birth to this nickname.

Broadly speaking, this novel discusses past life when I was in college. Friendship during college is indeed an exciting thing and a story in old age. So it is not surprising that Puthut EA brings up his life story with friends in this book.

Then, to what extent are they doing at the gambling table? Did they do well in the end?

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Novel by Eka Kurniawan: Players of Social Criticism Words

The name Eka Kurniawan has become one of the leading Indonesian writers whose work is phenomenal. His writings won many awards at national and international awards. So it is not surprising that there are so many fans in various places.

Eka Kurniawan wrote that his works were mostly about the conditions of people’s lives in life. For him, the simple things around us can be a fun topic to discuss. He even did not hesitate to pour out story ideas that were considered taboo by the community. For example prostitution, professional gambling players, to criticism of the regime.

Several of his novels have been published in several languages ​​and sold overseas. One of them is her most phenomenal novel, Cantik Itu Luka. This novel presents a long and neat story.

How far is the story written in this novel? Come on, take a look at the following reviews!

Beauty is a wound, living life professionally

The novel, which was first published in 2002, was immediately welcomed by literary lovers. Beauty is a wound to be one of the works that provides many new experiences beyond ordinary human reasoning. Eka Kurniawan packed it nicely and was full of strength so that the contents really kicked off.

Currently rated books do present many taboo subjects that most writers find difficult to peel. But Eka Kurniawan presented it in loud language but not dangerous to read.

Some of the things that are found in this story are about the life of a brothel, harassment by colonial soldiers, gambling players, to professional mistresses. All of this becomes a single, interconnected unit.

The social value content in it is also very much related to human life today. In fact, even unprofessional gambling players can be a new insight. 

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The existence of this novel illustrates that the quality of literature in Indonesia is able to compete with many other countries. So do not be surprised if this novel has gone international and received a lot of praise from literary critics. Interested in reading it?

Eka’s Professional Satire Style in Scribbles on the Toilet

Another work of Eka Kurniawan that is quite draining is a collection of short stories entitled ‘Corat-Coret di Toilet’. This short story anthology contains more than 10 short stories packed in Eka’s distinctive language, full of satirical language.

One of the stories in it, entitled Pig Cage, becomes a material for shared thoughts about the life of a student. The subversive life makes Edi Idiot, the character in this story, live in chaos.

He spends his life in a ‘pig pen’ and waits indistinctly. So when the ‘pig pen’ was about to be dismantled, Edi Idiot got angry with anyone.

The chaos of his life is also reflected in his gambling. Even though he is not a professional gambling player, Edi still plays gambling with bets that can be said to be strange. His messy life has also been known to various generations on the campus.

There are still many other stories in this novel which are delivered in light but critical language. Eka Kurniawan arranged it neatly and coherently. 

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Eka Kurniawan has always been good at processing words so that the social criticism conveyed in his writings can touch them subtly. However, sometimes the language used is considered vulgar for underage readers.

From Gamblers to Conglomerates in the Moon Drowning in Your Face

Tere Liye is one of the most prolific novelists in Indonesia. Her work often graces best seller shelves in bookstores. The number of novels he has published is also great.

Various kinds of stories he devoured in a distinctive language style. Romance with long stories. Tere Liye is one of the favorite writers for novel readers, especially novice readers who like light stories.

Some of his works have also been made into the big screen, such as the Moon Drowning in Your Face and Delisa Prayer Memorization. The high readership of his works makes producers look at his novels and turn into a film.

The Moon Sinks in Your Face is a pretty good novel to read. The story in this novel tells of a character named Ray. He is a child who is less fortunate because he has no parents and has to live in an orphanage.

When he grew up, he fled to find his true self. He was involved in being a professional gambling player so he often won bets. This habit generates hatred from those around him. So he chose to live elsewhere.

Ray’s life struggle must be very tough. He struggled alone to survive the hardships of the world. Conflicts appear one by one, making them even stronger. His efforts were not in vain.

The characters in this story, initially only semi-professional gamblers, can start a business. This business even made him the richest person in the area. The business octopus he created didn’t make him happy. Why?

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Lose from gambling and want to live without a head

Life without a head seems impossible. For everyone, the head is important because everything comes from the head. Likewise with problems in life. The head is the source of problems.

How can this be? Of course, because the source of the human mind is in the head, life becomes complicated, sometimes because of the head itself. It’s complicated.

That’s about what is conveyed in the book entitled ‘How to be Happy Without a Head’. The title of this book will surely make the reader frown. How not, how can humans live without a head?

Even though this book is somewhat sensational, the author arranges it in a way that makes sense to be absorbed.

The main character of this book feels unhappy and stressed about his life. Initially he was a professional gambling player. Shortly after his heyday, he went bankrupt and lost his property. This made his life even more complicated.

Not wanting to bother, he felt the complexity in his life was due to his head. The omnipresent head keeps thoughts and makes life difficult. So he wanted to let go of his head. Various ways he did to remove his head from the body.

Will he succeed? From this book, we will teach you how to let go of a good and correct head so that complicated thoughts will disappear. Removing this head, of course, has its own ‘way’, you know!

The writer arranges the words in it with complicated diction. Lots of choices of slit vocabulary and are rarely used for everyday conversation. Then the reader will be made twice working by finding out its meaning. But this book is really worth it to read. Want to know how to remove your head?

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The story of Si Ronggeng who falls in love with a gambler

For lovers of literary works, of course, the name Ahmad Tohari is no stranger. This writer, the pride of Indonesia, has produced many great works. One of them is Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk. This novel is a work that is quite old and is more than 20 years old. However, the readers are still there today.

This novel, which tells the life of a remote hamlet, was once featured on the big screen. The novel, which consists of 3 parts, was appointed to the world of film with the title Sang Penari. This film even won many prestigious awards in the world of film. How interesting.

Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk is a novel that tells the story of a woman who must become a ronggeng dancer in her padukuhan. Ronggeng in that place is the only folk entertainment that can be enjoyed by residents.

Srintil, the main character of this novel, has to dance every night because of the demands of the situation. He had to replace the previous dancer who died more than 12 years ago. So with all conditions, he was forced to become a dancer there.

There is a culture in the environment that states that ronggeng dancers are prohibited from having ties with men. In fact, Srintil, who is a ronggeng dancer, is in love with a village youth who likes gambling.

This unprofessional young gambler was Rasus. He is a close friend since childhood Srintil. So when Srintil fell in love with him, cultural circumstances forced him not to belong to each other.

Readers will be amazed by the flow that is presented in it. This novel is full of values ​​that can be learned and interpreted. So do not be surprised if this novel is also a reference in the study of various sciences.

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Read Yoyok’s work about gambling players who go to heaven

Gambling players are certainly synonymous with things that violate religious orders. In religious regulations, gambling is an activity that is prohibited and must be avoided. So when reading this title, of course, it will make you wonder.

The book entitled ‘Why the Gambler Goes to Heaven while the Sufi Goes to Hell’ will provide a new perspective on life. Professional gambling players who live side by side with Sufis who are religious experts are figures in this book.

Readers will be taken to a phenomenon regarding relationships with fellow humans and God. So when reading this book, we will know why a professional gambler can go to heaven while a Sufi goes to hell.

Of course this is not a justification for gambling. There are several reasons the gambler character in this book is the reason why he was able to enter heaven. This reason can be read in full in the Review Why the Gambler Goes to Heaven and the Sufi Goes to Hell?

Some of these books are mostly fiction novels. The story in it allows us to see several things from a different perspective. The professional gambling player figures depicted in the story illustrate that gambling is a disadvantage.

These books are a small reference for understanding the situation and conditions of the realities of life in society. Literary work then manifests these various incidents into a series of interesting stories.

Which book title interests you the most? Tell us in the comments.

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