Raging Rex Slot Review: 4 Useful Things Before Playing

Raging Rex slot from Play ‘n Go is all about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs have never walked the earth at the same time as humans (yes, The Flintstones is based on a lie!) but they do well on slots.

Jurassic Park from game maker Microgaming was a big hit about five years ago, but is now a bit outdated. Competitor Play ‘n Go therefore launched a new dino-themed slot at the beginning of this year: Raging Rex.

Are those big profits? Read all about the review. 

Reviews Raging Rex Slot for New Players

1. How Raging Rex Works?

The slot Raging Rex has no less than 6 reels with 4 symbols per reel. The minimum bet is 20 cents per spin.

Moreover, there are no paylines, all combinations count criss-cross on the reels, from left to the right. This way you have 4096 ways to score a prize every spin (4096 ways). 

On the reels, there are several dinosaurs, supplemented with six fossilized insects. The main symbol is the Tyrannosaurus rex. This is a stacked wild (joker).

2. The Free Re-spins with Meteorite

If you spin the Tyrannosaurus on an entire reel, you get free re-spins, with the stacked wild moving one reel to the left.

The re-spins end when the dino has reached the first reel. Furthermore, a burning meteorite counts as a bonus symbol. If you land at least three, you will win a number of free spins.

  • 3 meteorites = 8 free spins
  • 4 meteorites = 15 free spins
  • 5 meteorites = 20 free spins
  • 6 meteorites = 30 free spins

If you land at least 2 meteorites in the free spins, you will receive extra free spins. But before you start it, you can choose between two options: Wild Hunt and Primal Rage.

In Wild Hunt there are extra wilds on the reels with multipliers. At Primal Rage you are guaranteed to get a stacked wild on one of the reels every spin. 

It doesn’t matter which choice you make for the payout percentage (RTP), so feel free to choose what seems most exciting to you.

3. The 1000 Spins on Raging Rex

We did play 1000 spins with the minimum bet of 20 cents per spin. In addition, playing 1000 spins on Raging Rex immediately is like prehistoric!. 

The domino99 slot is beautifully made, has a nice soundtrack and there are good prizes from the first spin.

The Tyrannosaurus comes along 23 times and that is exciting every time, although the wins are not spectacular: ranging from $0.48 to $6.88.

The free spins come over eight times and they are even more exciting. Especially when two or more meteorites appear on the reels, which makes the bonus round extra long. Once, we even got a series of 21 free spins, good for a profit of $14.36.

The highest gain during the test session is also due to the meteorites. A series of 18 free spins yields $20.18. Ultimately, after 1000 spins, there is a profit: $9.85.

4. The Payout Percentage in Raging Rex

To be clear, the payout percentage (RTP) of the online slot Raging Rex from Play ‘n Go is 96.34%. 

This means that in the very long term, it is measured over millions of spins. This slot machine ultimately pays out exactly 96.34 dollars as prizes for every bet wagered.

If you play a smaller number of spins, the actual payout percentage can be much higher or much lower. We had slightly more luck than average in the 1000 spins he played for this slot review. 

In the end, Raging Rex slot is a very successful game as far as we are tried. Finally a slot that doesn’t make you wait too long for the bonus round and that still gives you the chance to win very high wins.

Between the free spins, the Tyrannosaurus provides extra excitement and sometimes nice prizes of about 30 times your bet.

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