Ramses’ Revenge Slot Demo: RTP, Volatility & Features

Ramses’ Revenge Slot Demo Although Ramses II, the third Pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty, is typically mentioned when the name Ramses is used, Relax Gaming does not expressly indicate this in the game. Because he was regarded as the greatest pharaoh of all time, he was also known as Ramses the Great.

The man worked on some of the most amazing structures of ancient times in between hammering Syria and North Africa. Ramses’ statues have miraculously endured unaltered up to the present day, his impressively goateed face having been repeatedly replicated.

He plays the lead role in Ramses’ Revenge Slot Demo, an Egyptian-themed slot from Relax Gaming. The mummified royal wants vengeance against the careless adventurer who raided his tomb. You could assume the term is just a catchy title when you first see the tiny sprites filling the 5×5 grid.

Ramses’ Revenge Slot Demo is anything but a stroll in the park. Although it might seem pleasant, the game can bite—or in this case, seek retribution. The free spins, which are much more powerful than they would initially seem, are the only consolation.

In terms of appearance, Ramses’ Revenge Slot Demo resembles Relax Gaming in a big way. Games featuring a bird’s eye view of the action, such as Snake Arena and Marching Legions, come to mind. In this instance, the grid is flanked by columns, stone flooring, and scattered hieroglyphics in a jumbled courtyard. As the on-screen adventures go, a dreamy Arabic soundtrack drifts away, creating a soothing atmosphere.

With wagers ranging from 10 percent to £/€20 per spin, Ramses exacts his vengeance on any machine. Although RTP is somewhat above average at 96.15%, the significant volatility assures that anything can happen in the short term. The game may go in a lot of different directions, from grinds in the regular game to bonus games that sometimes shoot off a big one without warning.

For players to construct combos, Relax made the agreeable decision to use a 4,096 win ways mechanism. Because rows don’t matter, you can win as long as three or more identical symbols are placed next to one another starting from the leftmost reel.

Another nice detail is that as the symbols begin to line up, they start to sink into the ground, leaving an indentation that lets you know whether ones are winning or losing. It’s a minor feature, but it’s useful all the same, and it’s far cleaner than, say, Red Tiger’s method, which completely clogs the screen with payline count-ups.

The icons used have a little, collectible game token-like appearance. There are four low pay patterns and four high pay gods among the eight normal pay symbols. Anubis, Sobek, Horus, and Ramses are among the highest-paid individuals. In six-of-a-kind combos, this four is worth payments ranging from 1.5 to 4 times the original wager. Not much, although the pay system and wild multipliers during the bonus both assist.

Ramses’ Revenge Slot Demo – Features

In terms of features, not much really happens most of the time. Mystery Sandstorms are scattered throughout the regular game, but the free spins with their wandering multiplier wilds are by far the crown jewel of the Nile. The Mystery Sandstorm feature could randomly activate on any base game spin.

If it does, there are 2–6 waves, each of which dumps 1-4 mystery symbols onto the reels. The same matching symbol type is revealed when any mystery symbols change.

The spins-for-free round is where the action really heats up. What you need in this situation are explorer symbols, and you only need two of them to start the six free spins. Two mummies replace the two triggering explorers just before the free spins start and emerge from the tomb. These mummies are wild; they can be used to create combinations by swapping out any other symbol. You should be aware that wilds never appear outside of free spins.

The nearest mummy advances to take its spot as soon as new explorers touch down. As a result, you get one extra spin and the corresponding mummy’s multiplier goes up by 1. In the event that there are more explorers landing than there are mummies visible, new mummies are added to the reels.

Additionally, rather than adding the values when many mummies are utilized in a win, the values are multiplied. Maximum of four mummies can be active at once on the reels.

The option to completely bypass the bonus rounds is available to players who don’t feel like waiting the entire main game for it to hit. When possible, Relax has included feature-buy capabilities at a cost of 80 times the stake. In order to start the free spins feature, two scatter symbols must land on the next spin. Technically speaking, this is still the default mode and the RTP is unchanged.

Ramses’ Revenge Slot Demo – Conclusion

Few surprises may be found in the game Ramses’ Revenge Slot Demo. First, despite its adorable sprite-based aesthetic, the game may be quite challenging at times. You may need to be patient to get to the excellent portions of it because it can be difficult, or you may want to go right into the bonus buy to move things along more quickly, albeit doing so does not guarantee success.

For around the first 300 spins, not much happened. A few wins over 30x helped keep things going, but for a time, the rest was only average. However, the first bonus game was eye-opening. As long as they strayed into the appropriate positions, even two roaming multiplier wilds proved to be highly useful.

In general, bonus games are shown to be just as unreliable as the rest of the game. Some were disappointingly bad, while others were weak. On one of our bonus buys, however, we were able to achieve a win that was over 1,000 times larger.

The way mummies multiply one another in the free spins round is extremely intriguing and gives it a curious resemblance to Jammin’ Jars. In the midst of numerous high payments, an x4 and an x6, for instance, can wreak major havoc. 

Things can become really chaotic if there is a third wild multiplier added. The 4,096 ways to win system works well with this dynamic. With fixed paylines, Ramses’ Revenge Slot Demo, which may already be harsh, might have been considerably more painful.

Ramses’ Revenge Slot Demo resembled Marching Legions from Relax Gaming in certain ways. Free spins, like that one, can go out of control, adding multipliers and wins like there was no tomorrow. On the other hand, it can be just as annoying. Ramses’ Revenge is a fun game that’s a little quirky and causes emotional reactions that appear at odds with its unassuming exterior.

If you are interested in playing this Slot game, you can play it on online sites such as the slot88 site.

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