Review Football Manager 2020 Provides Real Quality Play

Football manager is one of the most popular soccer games. The latest version, the 2020 version, provides a pleasant playing experience. This is because many updates have been made from the previous version. Following review of football manager 2020 here.

This soccer game is one of the simulation games that makes players feel as if they are really involved. Here the player will act as a manager who can manage all soccer matches. Of course this is even more interesting because players can play the manager of their favorite team.

This game is a game developed by Sports Interactive. In its development, this 2020 football manager was published by Sega. Football manager was originally named Championship Manager which was released in 1992 which was developed with Eidos Interactive. After completing the cooperation period, Sports Interactive changed the name to Football Manager.

Football manager 2020 is available on several platforms. This game can be played via Android-based cellphones, PCs, Nintendo switches, and iOS devices. Each platform has its own advantages and characteristics.

A Review: Football Manager 2020 Provides Attractive Game Features

The release of Football Manager 2020 is something that many game lovers have been waiting for. This game becomes a platform for gamers who can operate the club according to their wishes. Players can also strategize and arrange the most ideal ball players.

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In this new release, Football Manager 2020 features club vision. This feature allows gamers to see what the owner of the soccer team wants. Through this feature, players can see what plans will be carried out in the current season for the next five years.

Club Vision Make Better Experience

The club vision feature makes it easier for players to develop strategies because they can be given suggestions about the team’s playing style. For example, there is a soccer team that wants to play beautifully and be full of attacking tactics. Some are limited to following the team’s target.

In addition, the club vision in the football manager provides gamers the opportunity to buy young soccer players. Of course, this player transfer system is designed so that funds remain stable and there is no budget swelling on player salaries.

The game player’s performance as a manager will also always be updated. This assessment is open and accessible. With a range of values ​​from A + to F, players can calculate their playing strategy. If you get a low score, of course it can make the club board dislike the performance and can be fired.

The existence of a club vision feature in football manager 2020, of course, helps in choosing a team and seeing the level of difficulty of playing. For teams that are big and have lots of budgets, of course, it’s easy to buy quality players. With this it will make it easier for the team to advance to the top four and qualify for the champions league.

For gamers who have long-term goals, this feature is perfect. The club vision in football manager 2020 will help a lot in planning the target composition. For example, how far the target will be achieved, how much has been exceeded, and others.

The Playing Time Pathway Feature Makes Negotiations Easier

Playing the football manager 2020 game will certainly be even more exciting if you buy a lot of players. When buying players, the manager will negotiate the players. With this feature, players will find it easier to negotiate. The manager can maintain the expectations of the soccer players he has bought.

Negotiations in playing before choosing players are of course very crucial. Of course this has to do with how the future team structure is. These considerations include young and old players who will later have careers in the team they hold.

In football manager 2020, there is a staff backroom feature that can make the game more simple or complex. Choose staff who are also competent so as not to complicate the game. For example it can help in choosing good players, player contracts, training systems, and others.

In addition, in the 2020 football manager there is an additional loan manager. This feature was added in response to the increasing interest in loan managers in the real world. The loan manager serves to recommend which players can be loaned and record their progress. Of course this helps to see the performance of young players in detail.

Development Center Feature Added in Latest Football Manager 2020

In football manager 2020, a new feature added is the development center. This feature is used to develop young players. Where will there be any training recommendations to increase player skills. Another advantage is that there is a progress report that is systematic and easy to understand.

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Through this feature, the U-18 and U-23 teams can be found through the development center menu because they are part of the youth team. So everything related to tactics to the youth team playing schedule is in it.

This review of football manager 2020 is the latest version of it. It’s really interesting that it’s not a new feature in this 2020 football manager. Come on, try playing now!