RNG Technology: An Essential to Create FairPlay Slot Games 2020 in Online Slot Casinos

Just everybody in the gaming world know that most of slot machines used in the online slot casinos have been supported with Random Number Generators (RNG) for fairplay slot games 2020. This is a technology to generate the random symbols on the reels of slot machines.

The outcomes (the symbols released on the reels) are the codes to determine whether the gamer win the game or not. In 3-reels slot machines, a gamer can win the game if he get three same symbols. In 5-reels slot machines, the gamer keeps winning the game if he also get the three same symbols on the reels.

Difference of RNG and PRNG

RNG in the industry of online casinos varies in type: Pseudo RNG and PRG. What are the differences? The difference only focuses on how the numbers are generated on the reels for achieving fairplay slot games 2020. True-RNG itself is a technology that can generate the random symbols or numbers existing on the slot machines. The process is digital.

In simpler way, this technology changes the manual and physical proses of generating numbers or symbols on the slot machines. This is done to avoid an algorithm that’s usually used in the programs of computers.

Pseudo-RNG (PRNG) is a bit different with the previous one. PRNG is a technology that enables to generate a semi-random numbers. Basically, the numbers they produce are pre-determined or not exactly random.

For your information, the slot machines with PRNG are better for the slot gamers since the machines can generate a vast of number generations just at once. This means that the gamers do not need any kinds of input from the algorithm.

RNG here is designed to create a randomness on the slot machines. The machines operated by the computer programs can actually be hacked to generate the fortune numbers or symbols. This moment probably will give the winning point for the dealer as it is the one who operates the machines.

It would be different if RNG works out on the machines. With randomness, the game would be fair both for the gamers and the dealer. This fairplay slot games 2020 of course become the type of gaming the gamers really want.

RNG: How Does It Work?

How does RNG work? We want to share this section in more details. When the gamers play the slot game, RNG starts delivering random numbers. It starts from 0 to billions of number per-second. RNG will keep delivering those numbers. No external factors could stop it. This process then create the actual number set. The number set is always random.

When the gamer presses the button of spin, the next sets of numbers are-reprocessed by the machine, showing a combination of symbols on the reels. There is no chance for machine to generate the same set of symbols. It means, there is the same chance for the gamers to lose or to win the game through the spins they have.

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RNG for FairPlay Slot Games

From this, we already knew that RNG is effective to give the chance for gamer to lose and to win. RNG cannot also be distracted by any internal and external inputs. In the other words, there are many slot gamers who have been manipulated by some purchased softwares that can swing RNG.

The true is it’s impossible. RNG’s number generating process cannot be changed by any softwares. Payout ratio and hits frequency are also permanently set. This is why RNG always creates fairplay slot games 2020.

When discussing about RNG, probably you are also familiar with RTP. RNG is designed to bring the number randomness. RTP here is another system used in the slot machine to check up the function of RNG; whether it goes well or not.

The online casinos have to check and re-check their RTP to make sure that RNG of their slot machines is not fault. How does RTP work? It’s so simple, only by dividing total amount of payout and total amount of turnover of slot machines.

Well, this is just an brief of information about RNG operated in most of online slot machines. We hope that this article is useful. At least, this article gives you new knowledge about RNG, how does it work, etc. The final wish is that the article can give an inspiration for the reader, particularly you who need more information of slot games, slot machines, and fairplay slot games 2020, and RNG.