Royal Potato Slot Review: A Game with 96.31% RTP

In this Royal Potato slot review, Print Studios and Relax Gaming have created a 30-payline in this online slot. Free spins, multipliers, giant wilds, and other features are available. This incredibly volatile slot has a 96.31 percent RTP and a top prize of 30,000x.

In the realm of online slots, companies build games based on a wide range of topics, so we’re rarely shocked. Print Studios, on the other hand, has us completely taken aback!

Best Royal Potato Slot Review

The developer has gone completely unexplored in the slots arena with their new slot, Royal Potato. We’ve never seen a potato-themed slot before, let alone one with a royal dynasty of potatoes.

What’s more, you know what? It’s effective. It’s such a unique topic, with equally innovative graphics, that it’s a lot of fun to play.

1. The RTP and Variance

The Royal Potato slot from Print Studios has an RTP of 96.31 percent.

With a top prize of 30,000x, it’s also an extremely unpredictable slot. The victory rate is 23.33 percent, which means that wins aren’t particularly common, but that’s to be anticipated in a game with a variance level of 4/5.

2. How to Win in The Game

The Royal Potato slot from Print Studios has 30 paylines. There are three payoff tiers for symbols:

  • Low: up to 3x the value of flowers
  • Medium: Desiree, Kennebec, Russet, and Yukon potatoes with a value of up to 12.5x
  • High: Potato figures such as the king and queen are worth up to 50 times their normal value

There is no wild sign in the main game. It only occurs during the bonus round of free spins.

3. SuperSpinner Feature

In the basic game of Royal Potato, there are 14 SuperSpinner places, however only a couple are active on each spin. This function is also found in Crystal Golem, another Print Studios-powered slot.

The reward is multiplied by the number displayed on the spinner when a winning line travels through a SuperSpinner position. If more than one SuperSpinner multiplier is used, they will be applied from left to right on the reels.

4. Royal Levy Feature

The Royal Levy will be triggered if the King or Queen potato emblems emerge. The King or Queen will then unveil a random prize, which will be increased by the value of all visible SuperSpinners.

5. Free Spins and Bonuses

The bonus round is triggered when three or more scatters appear. How many free spins you get is determined on the number of bonus symbols you have:

  • If you get three scatters, you’ll get ten free spins
  • 12 free spins with 4 scatters
  • 14 free spins with 5 scatters

Alongside the reels, you’ll find a meter with all of the payout symbols. The Jumbo wild will take the place of the highlighted symbols.

The bonus game starts with the Jumbo wild on the center reel in a 2×1 position. The wild will expand as your land wins using the highlighted symbols and the wild. A couple of things happen as a result of this:

  • More symbols are underlined, implying that more symbols can be replaced
  • More free spins are given out – three each time the wild expands.

To conclude Royal Potato slot review, it provides gamers with a fun online gaming experience packed with features – not to mention a quirky atmosphere that will keep you entertained. Its mathematical approach also makes for a potentially profitable gaming experience.

In addition, this game is the type of slot that players who prefer games with a lot of features will enjoy. There’s a lot of stuff going on, and while it can be perplexing at times, you’ll be able to enjoy the gameplay once you’ve adjusted to its oddities.