The Rise of AI Slot Review: RTP 96%, Endorphina

Are you looking for The Rise of Ai slot review? Endorphina is getting ready to launch this game. It has an 80s Neon-based design, with the kind of cyberpunk appearance you’d expect from that era, but a tale that is more current. The action, according to them, occurs in the year 2050.

A Brief of The Rise of AI Slot Review

For this The Rise of AI slot review, it features 5×3 reels and 10 active lines, with any three or more matching symbols found anywhere on them paying out. 

During its greatest rounds, the slot pays out up to 25,000x the bet, and it has a 96% RTP, making it an average release in terms of payouts. It’s not the type of game where you’ll find a lot of features, and there’s only one worth mentioning: the random multiplier, which may go up to 50x.

1. Wagering Options

Endorphina’s betting mechanism is standard for one of their slots. In the bottom left corner, there are three betting buttons and displays, two of which are combined into one. 

Because they aren’t marketed as buttons, you simply click on the displays until you find a value that you like. 

Choose from 1 to 10 lines, 1 to 10 coins (by selecting the Bet option), and a coin denomination ranging from $0.01 to $1. For ten active lines, the range is finally between $0.10 and $100.

The payouts don’t appear to be very generous at first glance, as each of those lines pays a maximum of 50 times the stake, or $5,000. With all ten lines contributing, you might win up to 500 times your stake ($50,000). 

Even better, if you get the random multiplier at the appropriate time, you can get up to 50x multipliers on your wins. As a result, a top jackpot of 25,000x becomes attainable, and as Endorphina points out, this is one of their most high-potential games to date.

In terms of RTP, it’s looking good, with a 96% average across all of their titles. Many other games will fare better in this category, but not by much. Because it’s the only way for a slot machine to pay 25,000x the wager, the game’s volatility is likely to be extreme.

2. Game Features

None of the standard features, including the most basic wild symbol, have been implemented in this The Rise of AI slot review.

On the other hand, the game makes it easier to construct combos than most of its competitors, even with only 10 active lines. All you need is three or more similar symbols on the same line next to each other. Even if they are in the middle of the line, if they contact the leftmost or rightmost side, they form a combination.

In terms of features, you’re looking at a random multiplier that the AI will activate at random. It’s possible to get up to 50x boosts to that round’s wins, but it’s unaffected by anything you accomplish in the game.

3. Design and Theme

You’re a hero hacker seeking to save humanity in a future world where an AI has taken control, governing over humanity and dishing out monetary payouts with large multipliers. 

With neon lights, cyborgs, and a nighttime vision of a vast city, the design is perfect for a futuristic slot machine like this one. The Royals, as well as photos of the hacker, the girl, and the wicked AI, are all present.

Final Words

In the end of this The Rise of Ai slot review, it should be a fascinating release, since it is a slot machine with a lot of potential and high volatility, as well as a nice future theme.

The Rise of Ai is already available on many well-known betting sites on internet searches, despite the fact that it is not yet extremely popular among online gamblers. You can find it by searching for gambling-related keywords like reliable online casinos, situs judi online terpercaya, best betting sites, and so on.

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