Top Eleven 2020 Game, Not Just an Ordinary Simulation Game

The world of soccer games always has fans that never run out from time to time. One of the favorite soccer games for gamers is Top Eleven 2020. This game allows someone to become a professional soccer club manager.

Top Eleven Football Manager is a soccer manager simulation game. This game was first released in May 2010 by Nordeus. Nordeus is a game developer in Serbia. His experience in establishing games makes Top Eleven even more qualified for each version.

This game gives you the sensation of playing as if you were a manager. Here, you will arrange play strategies, organize your team, sign contracts, and manage sponsorships. Of course it’s interesting right?

Even through Top Eleven 2020, you can create your own team outside the official club. You can arrange a jersey, complete with the symbol. Some premium jersey and emblem features can be purchased through tokens so that they can add to the uniqueness of your team.

Top Eleven 2020 ‘s Excellence in the World of Football Game

The game of football is one of those games that is always interesting to play. Some games provide an in-game experience. Meanwhile, several other games offer a simulation game as a manager.

The soccer manager simulation in Top Eleven 2020 will allow you to have complete control over a chosen team. The latest version of this game is the 2020 version which has some improvements compared to the 2019 version.

Captivating Match Stadium

Top Eleven 2020 provides great features compared to previous versions. One of the fixes in this version is a graphics problem. The graphic visuals provided in the 2020 version provide a real stadium overview.

The match stadium displayed in this version looks more complex so that it becomes realistic. In some previous versions, the stadium displayed was only a 2-dimensional image. However, in this version, you can zoom in and out so that the 3-dimensional animation is more pronounced. However, for those who like a 2-dimensional view, you can disable this option.

More Realistic Animations

Visual graphics in a game are of course very influential in players’ interest in choosing a game. So, in this update in the 2020 version, Top Eleven provides improvements and provides better graphic visuals.

The animation displayed in this game has improved over the previous version. In several previous versions, Top Eleven provided a commentator view when the team competed. Some people think this makes the game boring.

However, in Top Eleven 2020, the game will be made more interesting by having an animation showing the condition of the players on the field. This is better than just being a commentator. This animation can be disabled if you don’t want to see it.

Youth Academy to Screen Young Players

Top Eleven 2020 has made good progress in terms of selecting football players. In some previous versions, Top Eleven did not yet have a platform for young players. The features in the previous version were only negotiating young players with a certain price and quality.

Meanwhile, in the latest version, there is already a young academy which can be managed independently. This youth academy is of course used to develop the talents of young players. In addition, the screening of young players can be a way to prepare quality players.

How to Play Top Eleven 2020 Game on PC

Although many top eleven players have started to leave this game, this game is still highly recommended to be played. This is because it has many types of matches.

Some of these matches include the League, Champion, Cup, and Friendly. As with the real game of football, in some types of matches this follows the rules of the real match. How interesting isn’t it? Then, how do you play Top Eleven 2020 on PC?

How to Play Top Eleven on PC

Make sure you have Facebook

This game is carried out through the Facebook social media account. So before playing, make sure you have an active Facebook account.

Install Adobe Flash Player

This game requires adobe flash player to play the animation. Install this application on your PC so you can use it to play Top Eleven 2020.

Login to the Top Eleven site

After methods 1 and 2 are met, visit the Top Eleven website address through a browser. Login and visit the top eleven url at Login that is done is using a Facebook account.

There are other ways to play Top Eleven 2020. One of them is to download using an emulator. This emulator is used as a platform for running games. One emulator that can be used is

It’s easy, isn’t it? Come on, try and play the fun of playing Top Eleven 2020. Feel the sensation of being the manager of a big club and managing the strategy. Have a nice play!

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