Tips on Growing Your Tourism Business

 When you start a business, you have to be creative in your way. First of all, you need to decide whether you wanted to sell products or provide services. About tourism, it is mainly focused on services. Many kinds of business, such as hotels, social media, park, and so many on should do. However, doing business is easy but developing isn’t as simple. That is why you need to learn pro tips on how to grow your tourism business.

 Just a reminder, even a pro can’t help you if you lack commitment and dedication. You need to have a motivation to keep on growing your business even if sometimes it doesn’t go well. And remember to stay positive and try to learn the tips on growing your tourism business.

Plan and Recovery

 Every business needs to play as safe as they could. That is why you need to keep everything secured and organized. Simply by knowing what you have to do to start your business is a plan. However, you also need a recovery plan, or you can say it plan B. It is a recovery plan if the original plan doesn’t go well.

 By having simple plans and note it down will help a lot. Not just knowing what you should do, but also your goals and objectives. It would be best if you considered about making a vision and mission for yourself as a burden. It will keep you motivated as your mindset goes “whatever happen I must get to that successful point”.


 Now you got your plans, what you should do next is to promote your business—many simple ways to promote without even spending a cent. Simply by promoting it to the social media in stories or tell about it to colleges or families can do. You can always spend money to do promotion, but do that when you have money so you will not suffer finance instability.

 Remember that promotion is very important. It would help if you promoted your business properly to make people interested. Never put something that never existed in your promotion. It could damage the business’s reputation. Always be honest but also persuasive. For example, a sentence like “Even-if our bed was 4 stars rating, but our cuisine is 5 stars” should do.

USP (Unique Selling Point)

 USP (Unique Selling Point) is something that makes your business different than the others. Tourism businesses have a lot of competitions around them. You need to be creative to do your business on top. Deciding USP is one way to do it. USP can be many ways as long as it is achievable and interesting. Be as creative as you like and be as unique as you like. This is important to understand when you are running a tourism business.

 USP is important to make your business survive in a competition. It has a high dependency on the location and situations when deciding. Because you have to be unique but yet still relatable and make it iconic, you can either the first business that invented the features or, you make it even better. Simple USP example that already taken is about a park. It has much entertainment such as Playgrounds, Waterpark and so on.


 You know what they say, mistakes make it perfect. But, you sometimes don’t know where you did wrong. That is why feedback was invented. You should ask for feedback and critics to improve your business. You, as an entrepreneur of the business, should be humble. Open-minded about the critics that were given towards you or your business. You should take that as a motivation to improve even better later on.

 If you don’t know how to ask feedback from your customer, then let me tell you some tips on how. The first step, by giving a box that has a paper and pen for costumers to give feedback about your services. Or you can simply just ask feedback from your customer. Questions like “are you satisfied with our services?” or “how do my service pleased you?” should give you some positive feedback.

Improve and Updates

 You need to be progressive to make your tourism business keep growing as time goes. Now that you know what you do wrong, there is always room for improvement. Start from fixing the mistakes you make and covering the plot holes that your company had. Doing that is enough to make yourself improving but not progressive.

 To make yourself progressive, you need to start making updates or new features. Creating a new USP will be the easiest, safest and most recommended way. Simply by adding new USP that could attract many people will easily gain you more sales. You can also create a new branch of the business. For example, your services not only available in one local area but instead, it is widely spread. Do this when you have enough popularity to do so, as it cost a fortune when you are opening a new branch.


 What? You need to give a discount to your customer. Just because you are lowering your prize for a while, that doesn’t mean your revenue will decrease. Because in a short-term, you will gain more sales. In the long-term, however, you could gain more reputation and popularity. The good question is when to set up a discount for your business. You could give a discount on special occasions such as your businesses anniversary or holidays.


 Remember to stay humble and never afraid to ask something that you don’t understand. Please take a class or consulting to expert for advice even if you are already successful. You can always learn something new from everyone, especially when your business is about tourism because one of the important tips on growing your tourism business is to take a consult. People have different tastes and points of view that you alone cannot handle. That is why tourism consultant is very crucial.