Wild-O-Tron 3000 Slot Overview: Features, RTP, Bonus & Theme

Not a new slot, Wild-O-Tron 3000 slot. It was made accessible at a few particular casinos and released as an exclusive title.

It completely slipped people’s notice (for good reasons, perhaps?) before, as it seems, being withdrawn off the market. It seems to be making a comeback now for whatever reason, with NetEnt aiming for a full network-wide rollout.

The second wave of Wild-O-may Tron’s does not excite those of you who have already played it. It’s a shockingly simple slot machine with tiny rewards, so we can tell you right away that you should be ready to pull out your shame pillow when the cringe alarm goes off.

After starting the slot, our initial thoughts were a touch conflicted. The reel set certainly gave us some hope that perhaps we would get to experience interesting new features, but the whole design felt a little dated and gloomy, almost like something NetEnt would have produced in 2012. How wrong we were.

A robot-themed 1960s sci-fi slot machine is called Wild-O-Tron 3000 Slot. The Wild-O-Tron machine is positioned to the right of the reel set, and some wonderful music from the 1960s is playing in the background as the action is set in a dilapidated robot factory. It is set up with five reels, three rows, and twenty fixed pay lines.

On all devices, players can wager from €0.20 up to €200. Players will see rewards coming in a constant stream because the low variance slot has a high RTP of 96.01%, making it a respectable wagering slot.

Wild-O-Tron 3000 Slot Symbols & Paytable

Wild-O-Tron 3000 Slot

The paytable shows seven different types of robots in various conditions and of differing quality. It progresses from a battered robot modeled after WALL-E that is worth double the bet for five of a kind up to a red class.

An electromagnetic construct that, if you land five of them, will result in a 15x victory. It is possible to land a full screen on any given spin because the robots all appear stacked on the reels.

As you will see, a key function is played by the wild sign, which appears as a round object denoted by a W. The primary game is quite lackluster in terms of features and playability. You spin the reels in the hopes of getting a good hit or having the Wild-O-Tron 3000 Slot feature activated.

Wild-O-Tron 3000 Slot Features

This slot machine lacks a conventional bonus. Instead, occasionally, and quite frequently, the Wild-O-Tron 3000 feature will activate at random. When that occurs, the electromagnetic device screams “Wild-O-Tron” and becomes hyperactive.

The machine will now start to slow-spin the reels before charging into ultra-fast mode and adding anywhere between 1 and 6 wilds to the reels.

If a full screen of wild symbols appears during this bonus, players can earn the maximum prize of 500 times their initial wager.

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Wild-O-Tron 3000 Slot Conclusion

As was already mentioned, Wild-O-Tron 3000 was available at a few casinos for a while, but unsurprisingly, it had little effect. Although it has a very different subject, the straightforward gameplay, the way the reels are set up, and the lone bonus feature do somehow bring to mind Starburst.

Some players might benefit from it, and yes, unless you grow extremely bored with extremely low volatility, low payout slots, it might be useful for wagering purposes. In the end, though, it’s a far cry from the big potential, explosive, high volatility slots that are popular right now.

There are far better options if you particularly enjoy robot slots, including, for example, Robo Jack (Microgaming) and Alien Robots (NetEnt). Try other games such as poker, sbobet online, sports games on online sites.