How To Do Backlink Analysis in SEO

Link building are the key to a successful website. People tend to rely on backlinks because it actually boost the traffic of a certain website. There is no guarantee that it does, but it do work most of the time. If we look at the trend in Google’s algoright, then we might find a certain pattern. These kinds of pattern needs further inspection called as backlink analysis.

To even increase your website’s rankings more, you will have to do backlink analysis on a website. This will ensure that you get the best amount of traffic effectively. But many people still do not know what or how a backlink works. After explaining that briefly, we would then continue talking about backlink analysis.

What is a Backlink?

To keep it short and simple, a backlink is simply hyperlinking. You choose a certain text or keyword, and you insert a link into it. When people click on that link, they would be redirected to the link of your choice. This might sound simple and maybe even useless at first. But backlink has been statistically proven by digital marketing experts to work.

Soon enough, backlinks became the backbone of the ranking system in Google. The more backlinks you have, the higher your chance of climbing up the rankings. People spent countless hours trying to make perfect of this skill. This is a huge factor in businesses and how sales can be driven. So if you are interested in backlinks, then you would be more interested in backlink analysis.

Why should you do backlink analysis?

To keep it simple, we had mentioned before that backlinks are important. It is used to rank websites as well as their authority. By doing backlink analysis, you are able to see the types of links that provide the highest impact on your website. Note that not all kinds of backlinks work the same way.

Your website’s rankings can be significantly improved if you receive a high-quality backlink. By doing backlink analysis, you now know what kind of backlink would be the most effective for your website. Doing analysis for backlinks also provides your website with links that you might want to avoid.

In the world of backlinks, not all backlinks are safe to use. Some badlinks can be considered as illegal by the Google algorithm. If you do get caught in this mess, well you are going to have a hard time. Google will drop your website’s rankings very low.

How to do Backlink Analysis:

Select the Desired Website:

When it comes to backlink analysis, you need to select a website first. Of course you would want to do backlink analysis with your website first. This is necessary to understand what keywords give the most impact to you. After that, you might also want to analyze some of the websites that you are competing against.

Understanding where your opponent is strong is very important. One tool you can use is SEMrush. SEMrush will give you the necessary analysis for organic keywords. Who knows that you might even be competing with the same keywords as your competitors.

Using the Best Tools for Analyzing Backlinks

Backlink analysis should be done with the most credible tool on the internet. In this case, we recommend you one of the best tools which is Ahrefs. There are also other tools such as SEMrush that will give you extensive analysis. Most of the high quality tools will cost you a little bit of money. Or you could even make use of the free trials given by these websites.

Enter Domain Into Search Bar and Retrieve Information

The last and final step to backlink analysis is to just write in your domain. By analyzing your domain, there will be plenty of information that the tools will give you. Such as the amount of volume or traffic for a certain keywords. Or even how much you get paid everytime someone clicks on a link in your website.

Information like these can be a good use for website owners. Not only that, you could also do backlink analysis on your competitors. This will give you an insight into what kinds of organic keywords that they are using. You can then do a variation of this keyword to gain more exposure for your website.

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