[Best] 3 Fazi Slot Free Play: High RTP and Fun Themes!

Well… Fazi slot free play has been searched by so many people. Fazi Interactive is an online casino game developer. Fazi began developing a completely automated bingo system for distribution in south-eastern Europe in 1995, and the company is a part of Fazi, an electronics and technology manufacturer that began in 1991. 

Under the Byron brand, they produced their first electronic roulette games in 2005, and by 2008, the company had casino management systems and over 700 machines placed in over 500 locations.

About Fazi Company

Fazi’s first slot machines were released to casinos in 2013, and the company is now one of the main electronic roulette machine producers in the Balkans.

The company’s online gaming platform launched in 2015, and they’ve generated roughly 25 slots, video poker, and table games for online casinos to date. They also provide a sports betting app that can be used on both mobile and desktop. 

Some of their games are available to play in online casinos. They’ve also formed partnerships with a few businesses, so the games should be available in additional locations shortly. For numerous years, Fazi has attended significant industry events such as ICE Totally Gaming.

Fazi’s Software and Games

To begin, they have a live automatic European roulette game that operates on one of their floor models. We couldn’t see the ball land in the pockets after multiple spins since the demo video was jerky. T The test internet connection was 4.2 Mbps, and the system was an Oculus Ready Windows 10 PC running Chrome from a US location.

The user interface is nearly comparable to that of HD Fazi roulette, which appeared to be a RNG game with live dealer and wheel incidents recorded for each of the 37 potential outcomes. 

We could see and hear the ball this time, but the croupier’s announcements had some lag and skip, and the audio sounded like a voice-over. Following the completion of each spin, players have around 30 seconds to put bets. 

The instructions were well-presented and easy to understand. A video refresh and a replay feature were integrated in the user interface. Sound can be turned on or off before starting the game or while playing. With the click of a button, you may place quick series bets including Red Snake, 5/8, Orph, Big Series, and ‘Zero.’

Best Lists of Fazi Slot Free Play

Fazi slot free play

If you are interested in playing slot machines from Fazi, we have compiled the best games from its company. Here, let’s take a look at them!

1. Mega Hot

Mega Hot is a 5-reel video slot by Fazi that takes the arcade slot machine style and lights it on fire with winnings of up to 30,000 coins.

With only 5 paylines, this slot machine is on the high volatility end of the spectrum, which means that players will have to wait a while for the large prize returns to start rolling in. 

This heated yet vintage slot may not blow your mind with fancy bonus game aspects, but it may just help you keep your wallet warm with a variety of extra multiplier rewards provided for stacked symbols across the reels.

2. Hot Stars

Hot Stars by Fazi is a 5-reel video slot with a flaming phoenix aspect that mixes the conventional fruit machine theme with a fiery phoenix feature. As a result, this game is guaranteed to appeal to aficionados of the arcade slot machine design who are looking for something a little different.

The game also has some flair in terms of playability, courtesy of an expanding wild symbol that prompts a reel re-spin for more chances to win. The Hot Stars video slot is playable to play for real money at online casinos that do not require a download and allow credit card payments for deposits and withdrawals.

3. Juicy Hot

If you play this slot machine for all it’s worth, you could win a jackpot of 12,500 coins. Fazi’s Juicy Hot video slot is based on the fruit machine genre, making it a bright and colorful delight for the eyes without too many surprises. 

In fact, the scatter symbol, which rewards prizes outside of the typical payline patterns, is the sole “unique” feature of this 5-reel, 20-payline game.

Well, those are some of the best Fazi slot free play. You can even pay real money to play them. However, keep in mind to always find the most trusted Casino sites to play safely. To play please first daftar slot online in a place you trust. 

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